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Frequently asked questions

Where can I buy Pea Pops? 

Pea Pops are available in Asda, Ocado, Amazon, Superfood Market, Borough Box and in hundreds of independent grocery and health stores across the UK. Pea Pops are also sold in over 12 countries worldwide, to find your nearest stockist please contact us on 

Are Pea Pops Vegan?

Chilli & Lime and Smoky BBQ are vegan. Cheddar & Onion is vegetarian

How many Calories are there per bag?

Chilli & Lime and Smoky BBQ have 98 calories, Cheddar & Onion 99 calories.

Do Pea Pops contain Palm Oil? 

No, we don’t use Palm Oil in any of our products.

Where are Pea Pops made?

Pea Pops are popped in the UK using all natural ingredients

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