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Pea Pops are award-winning popped chickpea crisps that have a greater nutritional value and a better taste profile than many other snacks on the market. They have 20% plant-based protein (meaning you feel fuller for longer), are gluten free, high in fibre, vegan/vegetarian and have 60% less fat than regular fried crisps. 


How Do Pea Pops Stack Up?

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60% less fat than regular fried crisps

20% plant based protein

three great taste awards


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Other crisps

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Chickpeas the new superfood?

The humble chickpea punches well above its weight. They are low in fat and sodium, high in protein, iron, vitamins, fibre, antioxidents and cholesterol and gluten free.


The filling combination of high protein and fibre means that they slow digestion and make you feel fuller for longer, preventing blood sugar spikes.

How do we make them?

Made in the UK, using cutting-edge technology, we pop small pellets of chickpea and soya flour using a combination of heat and pressure. No oil is used in the cooking process, only a light spray of oil is used once cooked so flavourings adhere to the chip.


We’ve created a delicious, healthy product with a satisfying crunch that tastes just as good as your favourite crisp. In fact, they taste even better. 

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Winner of 3 great taste awards


Pea Pops swept up at the highly regarded Great Taste Awards 2020, winning three awards

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outstanding innovation 

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Pea Pops Smoky BBQ has been Highly Commended at The Grocer New Product Awards 2020 which recognises outstanding innovation in the UK FMCG sector.

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